IdeaFox – an innovation management platform for teams to co-create and implement solutions

In the process of building new digital business models I often revert to the business canvas template and generate a ton of MS Word/Excel docs and series of email threads in that process.

IdeaFox seems to deal with all that. I knew about the platform quite some years ago but got to lay my hands on it just recently (should have done earlier though). It has managed to put away most of the aforementioned overboard and gave quite an orderly look to my creative chaos.

IdeaFox is cloud based and covers all steps from collective ideation, co-creation and evaluation, to idea realization. It is simple and easy to use platform. I started a new project within minutes and is quite intuitive (whoever knows me, would sigh how rarely I actually say this).

But just in case you need a tutorial, here is one.

It can actually do more than I do with it. IdeaFox allows idea challenges, idea realization in a stage gate processes, or collection of best practices.

Typical users seems to be innovation and digitization teams (like I am), but also teams collecting ideas for operational improvements.

In sum, IdeaFox solves three needs of organizations that want to get better:

  • Get better solutions by efficiently connecting a broad group of participants
  • Improve realization of ideas and get up to 20% quicker (claim by IdeaFox)
  • Increase employee engagement and foster transparent communication

I also tend to know the two lovely people behind the platform so this is yet another argument for me to give IdeaFox a try if you need such a platform.

Meet Dörte and Aron

Looking forward to your feedback and please share your impressions.

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Ups, Oracle dropped out from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Based IT PPM Services

I do have exotic taste for nightly reads. But in my defense this one has to do with my interest in Enterprise SaaS.

This time I was diving in the “Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Based IT Project and Portfolio Management Services, Worldwide” report from Gartner, dated 20 May 2015 (ID:G00264757).

Building an enterprise solution takes time and many of the businesses mentioned exist for at least 7-8 years. What impressed me though is I have never heard of any of them. And the one I know – they were being dropped. Oracle included.

Now I am far from the idea that Oracle is in trouble but this just emphasizes the fact that Enterprise SaaS are on the rise and there is a lot more to come than just SalesForce, Box and few others.