About Hristo

I am an entrepreneur and technology executive. I have started my first business while still in primary school. I am also a tech investor, old timer cars fan and sports fanatic.

I help companies run their digital operations such as: digital transformation, nearshoring operations, management of tech divisions and due diligence in VC transactions. Some of my career stops include tech positions at KPMG (IT Consulting), Joker.com (SW development), 3M (telecommunications), Google (AdWords), Rocket Internet (tech outsourcing) and Bertelsmann (media). At my last two stations I built a large scale near shoring operation in Portugal for Rocket and steered digital and IT transformation for rtv media group (Bertelsmann).

After the first decade working for corporates, I went into entrepreneurship and spent several years building my own companies. At that time I engaged with plenty of startups and that stayed a passion of mine over the years till the present day.

My current adventure is with Deutsche Bahn where I took the CIO role at DB E&C.

This blog is a place open for everybody where we share, challenge and celebrate. My commentary represents my own position and beliefs.