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  • From concept to market to scale

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Stark Founders actively engages with technology businesses from day 1 - from concept to market to scale.

We value
1) People with drive, intellect and commitment
2) Culture of entrepreneurship and forward thinking
3) Ideas that shake the status quo

What we do


Stark Founders acts as a technology consulting outlet for startups and established businesses. We selectively invest in early stage ventures, usually at the ideation stage.

  • Solving Product Market Fit

    Solving Product Market Fit

    • Comfortable with a wide range of business models and successful products
  • In-depth Technology Consulting

    In-depth Technology Consulting

    • Consulting in Product Development, Software Engineering and Outsourcing Strategies
  • Defining your Technology and IT-Strategy

    Defining your Technology and IT-Strategy

    • Our experience allows us to define in-depth and operationally viable IT-Strategy, Technology-Strategy and IT-Governance.
  • Coaching and Recruitment of IT Leaders

    Coaching and Recruitment of IT Leaders

    • Mentoring your key IT people and staffing your business with tech talent

Who we are


We are industry veterans, we love what we do and we are here to stay. We mentor, invest and share a broad network of domain experts.

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