A taste of Portugal – Entrepreneurship emerging – Startup Pirates

Well, I admit it – I like Portugal, may be too much. And I spend gladly my holidays there and of course try to combine with business as much as possible. I have a craving for Portuguese food – fish and sea food don’t taste better anywhere else in Europe. And some of you know this weakness of mine and keep teasing me asking for good places to eat in Porto and Lisbon. It is time for you to contribute folks and send me your hints in return.

Of course, it is the mix of people, history, nature, food (where do I stop?) that makes Portugal unique.

Sorry, I guess I you are already asking yourself what this blog was about. So I get back to the original topic.

The ecosystem has been growing for quite some time. My first contact with the emerging entrepreneurs of Portugal was at a meetup of the Startup Pirates in Porto. I had hardness to find the places and when finally got there was not entirely sure if in the right place.

My first thought was – well, this is just a handful of people – is this all compared to the full halls in London and Berlin?

This was 3 – 4 years ago. Since then @Ines, @Daniela and @Rafael have taken this to another level and  I could see them bringing their entrepreneurial vibe across Portugal and many other places/continents. Where this journey is going to bring them only time will show. But the results are obvious – in a country where having a secure job has been priority of many generations, Portuguese students and professionals readily take a year or two and try to build their own companies.

Entrepreneurship has arrived as a mindset. It has become viral.

In my next post, I will talk about other entrepreneurial establishments in Portugal.

I also gladly accept hints about good places to eat as well as other startup hubs if I missed some in Porto. Thanks!

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Have a great week!