Blogs I love to read

Some friends asked me which blogs do I follow so here is a list with a short commentary:

  • AVC – Fred Wilson needs no introduction. His blog spreads across many topics and is a good read to stay in touch with trends. He sometime surprises with some very personal posts so in a way his blog has a human fabric that sets it apart from the other techie blogs that I read. Here is one of his latest pieces: Mobile Web Is Top Of Funnel, Mobile App Is Bottom Of Funnel.
  • Tomasz Tunguz – is a source of invaluable amount of metrics and insights about SaaS businesses. Here is one of the articles I found particularly useful lately: The Importance Of Payback Period For SaaS Startups.
  • Both Sides of the Table – similarly to Fred, Mark Suster is a person who left his fingerprint all over the VC industry. Here is one a bit older article that gives a taste of his working practices: How the Hell do I Prioritize Work, Blog & Find Balance? I am a trainee on this front and still struggling with the work life thing.
  • Yankee Sabra Limey – Gil Dibner writes rarely but when he does it, he produces great reads. Here is a piece I look at from time to time: VC SUMMER INTERNSHIP – NOW WHAT?
  • a16z – if someone has tons to say, this is Andreessen Horowitz. It is a bit unfortunate that you get most updates through Twitter rather than his blog but his newsletters compensate by aggregating a good list of tech, industry and futuristic articles.

Hope you like the list and looking forward your suggestion for some more I should follow. Just drop me a line in the comments.

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See you soon!