The DON’Ts of ecommerce customer service

My post today is about my appalling experience with, a not so small or unknown ecommerce site.

So some months ago I saw an ad on Facebook of a good looking hoodie. This is an actual photo of the piece of clothing. I naively thought I deal with a US company.

Hoodie product pic

What I found weird was the low price but very good looks so I bought it. During checkout it said delivery takes up to 30 days but I thought these guys are shipping through some super cheap channel and this justifies the price.

What arrived about 30 days later was a hoodie that barely looked like the one above, was of very poor quality and the worst part – it came in the wrong size. Actually the size was L (according to the marking on the textile) but the actual one felt like S. I could not even try it without stretching and risking to tear it apart. I put a picture of the hoodie over a size L of a tight polo sweater.

Original Hoodie

So I asked the support people at Gearbest to refund me as I want to send back the hoodie. And it turned out to be a nightmare.

Message 1

Their first reply was relatively swift.

Reply 1

But it did not seem very fair, right? They messed up my order and I have to pay shipping which in this case comes at the price of the hoodie. Or I get 2 USD refund which can be seen as a joke but not taken seriously.

Then followed my a bit angry answer (ups).

Message 2

And then followed no reply. For about 1 month.

Reply 2

Now you take a look at the 2 pics and tell me if there is a “little difference”? And as said it does not even fit me so the “little differences” add up quite un-nicely. 🙂

Anyway I answered the guys that this is unacceptable and do not expect an answer for them. One thing is sure – such poor customer experience contrasts very stark with other e-commerce businesses like Amazon, Zappos etc.. And it is just not acceptable.

Talk to you soon!

Update: Here is the answer from Gearbest.

reply 3

And here is the conversion chart, pay attention to the 2 sizes difference between the chinese manufacturer and rest of the world. I cannot recall having this table when I ordered too. 🙂

gearbest size differences