Support Sleeping Beauty on IndieGoGo. A tracking device made 100% in Berlin.

Sleeping Beauty is a compact security device built by Berlin-based Jacob Lipps and team which protects and tracks your valuable possessions, using a cellular network to triangulate its position. Get it now from its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which already runs.

Here is a short story about Sleeping Beauty. If she’s left undisturbed she sleeps, but if you move her, she wakes up. And when Sleeping Beauty wakes up she’ll tell you exactly where she is via a push-notification on your smartphone app.

That means that Sleeping Beauty can keep an eye on those things that should stay put – like that classic Ferrari in your garage, or your front door while you’re away. Or she can help you recall those irritating details in life – like where you last parked your car or left your handbag. Whenever Sleeping Beauty moves she’ll report exactly where she is, otherwise, with up to 2 years of battery life, she’ll just snooze on and on and on…

The real beauty of Sleeping Beauty is that it can track almost any object anywhere in the world where there’s cellular network coverage. GSM and GPS provide the best reception: even in closed rooms or in subways Sleeping Beauty can send and receive data.

What you can do with Sleeping Beauty is up to you?

  • My very own yuppy Porsche is giving me separation anxiety. When Sleeping Beauty’s on duty, my mind’s at rest.


  • Alone in the wilderness with everything I own in one backpack. Just in case it should go hiking on its own, Sleeping Beauty’s keeping watch.


  • All my stuff’s in a container being shipped to Europe. Or was that Mongolia? No – Honduras.  Sleeping Beauty can keep track of exactly where it’s gone.


  • Any other use case, you name it.

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