How to build a business that lasts 100 years

Evernote is a company that wants to persevere through the years.  Whether it will achieve this is unclear, and we probably won’t be around to verify the outcome. Yet, it is not the first company with such a goal and even beyond.

Martin Reeves has made a spectacular appearance in Paris not long ago. He like many others has looked into the ways nature solves problems and connected his findings to building long-lasting businesses. I can surely give you his answer but strongly recommend to watch the video first. Believe it or not if you are a business owner you will probably watch it again.

The answer is taken from the human immune system and its core features: Redundancy, Diversity, Modularity, Adaptation, Prudence, Embeddedness. Ironically this is far from efficient but if nature has designed it efficient, we may not have survived our last flu. Plenty of food for thought and little need to chew the video for you. 🙂